Who, me?

Hi friends! I’m Nicole Balsamo, currently studying Marketing and Social Media Business Applications at Indiana University. I’m originally from Naperville, IL and claim to be a city-girl, despite my suburban address. I’ll be a city-girl one day!

My passions include fashion, food, and travel. I aspire to live in a big city one day and be able to incorporate each of these passions into my every day life. I’m never afraid to try something new — stepping out of my comfort zone has brought me some of the best experiences!

As much as I like to sound all fancy and important, I can mostly be found wearing some type of athleisure, craving Thai food, watching Netflix (ask me about my current obsession!), motivating myself to go to the gym, then working out to “The Best of 2000’s Boy Bands”.

self-proclaimed restaurant connoisseur. adorer of puppies. hot dog enthusiast.

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