thank you, mom

Thank you, Mom. Three short words that I should speak way more often that I do, and three short words that you deserve so incredibly much! I’m so happy to call you my best-est friend, my momma, and my partner in crime, so thank you so much for being you.

Thank you for making each moment memorable, and each memory a blast.

Remember when I was little and we would rent Betty Boop movies and lay in your room staying up all night (of course I didn’t have a bed-time) while eating popcorn smothered in real butter? I definitely do! Remember when we used to play red-light-green-light, and that Cat’s in the Cradle game with the yarn, and SKIPBO, and all of our fun games? I do. Remember driving around to our millions of Girls Days with the music blasting, and you were always nice enough to let me sing the girl’s part in duet songs? Thank you for always being Sonny in “I Got You Babe” and Danny Zucco in “You’re the One That I Want”. Remember when we used to wake up early and watch The Nanny before Kindergarten every morning, and then we would get Dairy Queen every day after school? I do! Thank you for my unhealthy obsession with ice cream due to that, oh and thank you for my sarcasm too!

Thank you for always being the “cool mom”.

Thank you for not being too strict with me…or really, strict at all. I value your trust and I value my freedom so much that I have never felt the need to go crazy, so thank you for that. Thank you for letting me watch Rated R movies since the womb, I definitely was way more mature than the average third grader because of this, but I think I turned out pretty dang good. Thank you for binge-watching Jersey Shore, The Hills, Super Sweet 16, and Keeping up with the Kardashians with me, it’s always better watching trashy reality TV with your best friend. Thank you for always letting me have the first pick of what I get to keep from our Ipsy each month. Thank you for pouring hours of work into each of my birthday parties as a kid so that I always had a unique one, remember that really cool Rockstar Photoshoot themed party with an actual red carpet? That was the best!! Thank you for always having such a phenomenally open relationship with me that I always felt safe knowing I could talk to you about anything, because you’re so cool!

Thank you for always supporting me, no matter how insane I am.

Thank you for going to numerous modeling and acting agencies, and paying for hundreds of headshots during my phase where I wanted to be a professional model and actress (who am I kidding, I still do). Thank you for letting me wear belly shirts and dance around the house to Britney Spears at age five. Thank you for letting me pick out my outfits every single day, no matter how hideously coordinated they were. On that same note, thank you for letting me watch Dragon Tales on the couch downstairs every morning while you showed me clothing so I could just pick what I wanted to wear without any bit of the effort. Thank you for supporting my choice to take AP classes in high school, but also helping me cry my way out of one and faking a doctor’s note when they wouldn’t let me drop it. Thank you for now supporting me with my blog, and with my countless endeavors in college, and with everything I do. Truly couldn’t do it without ya.

Thank you for your patience.

It’s no surprise here, but I have a negative amount of patience (sadly, I did not inherit my patience from you). With that said, thank you for being oh so patient. Thank you for dealing with me when I insist I’m right, even when I’m wrong (rare occurrence). Thank you for dealing with my perpetually messy room, and then eventually caving and hanging up all of my clothes for me. Thank you for listening to me complain about girls and friends time and time and time and time again, but never seeming annoyed. Thank you for knowing how to get my mind off of things, and how to distract me from my own worries. Thank you for straightening my hair every single morning in fifth grade when I was to lazy by myself, that’s a tough job that sure went under-appreciated! Thank you for always making home my favorite place to be, and thank you for making me miss it so much when I’m gone.

Thank you for being the best role model I could ever ask for; thank you for being so strong.

You always hear people say that they don’t want to turn into their mother, or they’re dreading the day that they do; I couldn’t feel any more opposite of that. I see myself turning into you a bit more and more each day, and I’m so proud of the person I’m becoming with the influence of you. I literally looked like I chopped off your head in some pictures, we keep coincidentally buying all matching clothes/accessories/shoes/glasses and wearing them on the same day, we have the exact same laugh and mannerisms, and we can have conversations without speaking for hours on end. Your strength throughout everything you have gone through is beyond admirable and you have become the most important role model I could have. I hope to continue to grow and adopt more of you each day, and I hope I can be at least half of the woman you are some day.

Thank you for teaching me everything happens for a reason.

Thank you for reassuring me every time I falter. Thank you for having unbreakable optimism and making sure that all those around you do, too. Thank you for trusting in others, and trusting in the way that the future will play out. Thank you for reminding  me that things aren’t as serious as they may seem, and that (in the nicest way possible), I don’t have control over everything in life and it’s okay not to. Thank you for bringing me back to reality when I need it.

Thank you for being you.

I could write for hours upon hours about how much you mean to me, mommy. But quite honestly, I don’t think any words could accurately describe how unbelievably amazing you are. I cherish our relationship more than you could ever imagine, and I hope that one day I can be as close with my kids as you are with each of us. I am so thankful to have you as not only my mother, but my best friend. You have shaped me into the woman I am today, and everything I am, I owe to you. You are beautiful, you are strong, you are silly, you are breathtaking, you are optimistic, and you can fill a room with brightness the second you walk in. I know everyone says they have the best mom, but I really really do! I cherish every single memory we’ve made together, and I can’t wait to make so many more. You deserve the world and all of the universe mommy, you truly are the best. I love you so so so so sooooooooo much!!! xoxo

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mommas out there! Enjoy your gifts, your love, and your day! 

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6 thoughts on “thank you, mom

  1. Aw this is so sweet! I love this post – it’s clear you really love and admire your mom. This made me miss my own mom, though I just saw her yesterday haha! Thanks for a great post, Nicole!


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