what i’ve learned from 100 days of happiness

Hello everyone!

This blog has been months in the making and I am so excited to finally put it to use! Bare with me for the first few posts while I get acclimated to things, but I truly hope that this blog can bring joy, smiles, laughs, and nostalgia to those it reaches. Enjoy! xx.

For starters, I’m Nicole! I’m currently studying Marketing and Social Media Business Applications at Indiana University and absolutely thriving on this beautiful campus. I’ve met some wonderful, awe-inspiring people this year that have ignited a fire of gratitude within me.


Throughout my journey of transitioning to college, I’ve began a project on Instagram: “100 days of Happiness”. Each day, I keep a running list in my mind of things that have made me happy, while making sure to take a picture to accompany it. There’s no rules about how ground-breaking or minuscule these things must be; they could be as big as acing a final or as little as my kind neighbor making me honey and tea when I’m sick. I only made one rule at the beginning: I had to be absolutely honest with myself. No posting to please others, no posting to make my day seem superior to others, no posting thoughts of sadness or despair. Throughout this journey, I have chronicled, in photos, the past 100 days of my happiness. Some days I could not stop writing, while other days my happy thoughts were scarce. All of the days, though, taught me much more than I could of imagined. I’ve included some pictures throughout, so enjoy!

Here is what I have learned throughout my 100 Days of Happiness:

1) There is always something to be happy about, always.

Throughout these past 100 days, I’ve been bed-ridden sick three times. My immune system is not a fan of college! My point being, even during the worst of times, I was able to find happiness. Sure, those points of joy may not have been as significant as others, but they were happy none-the-less. It’s easy to get lost in the cycle of life and forget to pause and enjoy the world around you, it’s easy to take the little things for granted, and it’s even easier to forget to be grateful. I started this project because I recognized that my transition to college may not have been the smoothest; I’m the biggest momma’s girl you’ll meet and I have lots of loved ones back home — I fell victim to homesickness more often than not. By actively focusing on the happiness in my life, those not-so-happy thoughts seemed to have less control on my mood. This project forced me to find happiness in little things, and sometimes those little things are the most sincere.


2) You’re in complete control.

It’s crazy how much different your perspective on life changes once you decide to start living more optimistically. I’ve always considered myself a hopeless optimist, I always try my hardest to look on the bright side of things. As optimistic as I am, though, I sometimes tend to slip down the cynical path. By vowing each day to recognize a few things that brought sincere happiness to myself, I saw a change in my perspective. When you begin to look at the world through a lens of hope, things you may not have found joyful in the past suddenly become just that. If you vow to find happiness, happiness will arrive.


3) People can’t wait to share your happiness with you!

Upon starting this project, I got an overwhelming inflow of comments about how much people loved the idea, how excited they were to implement a similar project, and just how much sheer happiness my daily posts brought to their life. If I forgot to post one night, I would get questions about the absence. Your happiness is contagious and other people love to get inspired by it — do good for all that you surround, find some joy and run with it!


4) I eat a LOT of food.

Scrolling through my Instagram, I found an alarming amount of “happy for (insert food item here)”‘s sprinkled across almost every post. From one food lover to another — if all else fails, food can definitely make you happy :]


Although my 100 days have now ended, I look forward to approaching every single day with the same goal: seek out happiness. My 100 days project has inspired this blog itself; I’ve learned my love for sharing life with others. I look forward to chronicling more happy days on here, as well as sprinkling in some other fun posts. I hope you stop by to enjoy again!

Check out my happiness Instagram here!



3 thoughts on “what i’ve learned from 100 days of happiness

  1. I love it and couldn’t agree more! Happiness is a journey, not a destination – it’s taking note of the simplest pleasures that helps us realize that:)


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